For a more complete version of this quick blurb, please see The Mission Statement. Here are the bullet points of what you’re getting into:

– My name is Mark, but I’ve gone by Drunk online for years, hence the name of the blog.

– I really like The Simpsons. That’s why I’m watching each and every episode in order and commenting on them as I go. It’s a somewhat crazy task that may just take forever. It happens.

– I really like other things, too. Sooner or later expect to see me branch out and include non-Simpsons topics. I’m still debating on what the first ‘other’ show will be, so don’t expect to see that until likely sometime after The Simpsons Season 1.

– I don’t have a set posting schedule just yet, but I try my damndest to update at least once a week. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way, but that’s the way life goes.


I hope you enjoy your time here and my dive into insanity. If you like what you see – or even if you don’t – feel free to comment and share your own thoughts, or just tell me how I’m doing! And above all else, if you really like what you see, don’t be afraid to share it with your friends.

~ Drunk


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